I need out of this house. Two days ago a fight broke out and then tonight with my mom telling me I shouldn’t post things about me being with a girl because people aren’t fully accepting and for future jobs. She loves my girlfriend, so I don’t understand.

I am currently sleeping with my door locked because of the fight 2 days ago. I am petrified. I went to my girlfriends yesterday to spend our one month together. I cried when I had to leave because I am scared to be home. I hate being here. I hate reliving my childhood every day with this family. Sadly, I am part time and I have three dogs that I can move somewhere easily. I am looking for a job closer to my girlfriend.

Emotionally, I can’t do this. I want to give up and turn my emotions off. But I think of my girl and I instantly want to keep fighting.

I know she may read this. BABE, I am fine I promise!


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